Up in the clouds

With my head in the clouds, that’s how I feel after this session.  A gorgeous baby and super relaxed parents who really get what I feel is so important in a photoshoot, real life. Life with a newborn isn’t always easy (!) but it’s still so beautiful and it’s so important to remember that through all the sleepless nights and endless feedings.
I hope these photos do exactly that, remind these wonderful parents of the amazing time they are in right now.

For me, it was all I could have hoped for as a kick off photoshoot in Cape Town – thank you friends!

Maru website-1Maru website-2Maru website-3Maru website-4Maru website-5Maru website-6Maru website-7Maru website-8Maru website-9Maru website-11Maru website-12Maru website-13Maru website-14Maru website-15Maru website-16Maru website-17Maru website-18Maru website-19Maru website-20Maru website-21Maru website-22Maru website-23







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